Help me find a copy of 'Banish Misfortune'. (song)

I have tried googling it, I’ve even looked in illicit places for it. (Well, not really, just places best not mentioned on this board.) I’m at my wit’s end!

The song is called “Banish Misfortune”. According to most of the sites I’ve found with information on it, it is a traditional Irish tune. I found an mp3 available online at Tin Whistle Tunes, but I would like to find a more polished version than this. I would be more than willing to purchase a cd if I could hear a soundclip first.

I did find that The Chieftains did a recording of it before, but it was on an album put out in 1969, and it’s not available locally. My friends’ band used to play it occasionally, but Matt, who plays tin whistle, says it’s the most difficult song to play on the whistle.

I’m not sure of the meaning of the song, but my friends play it, and it is pretty song. I want to be able to get a copy of it so I can use it at my wedding. (The wedding is way off, so I have time to find a copy of it.)

Any help is GREATLY appreciated! :smiley:

Well, there’s an instrumental on a CD here. I think it’s combined with another song, though.

The Bedlam Bards have also done it on the Cedric’s Overmode CD at Bards' Recordings . Personally, I prefer the songs on Take Out the Trash, but there’s nothing wrong with the ones on Overmode.

Here’s the music for the piece–you could hire a fiddler. Heck, have the wedding at a Ren Faire and odds are you could chunk a rock and hit a fiddler who knows it by heart. :smiley:

I play this song! I can’t remember what its alternate name is but I will find it and let you know, I am certain I have a recording of it. When I find it I will email you.

Check out their message board will have your answer in a hurry!

[sub]aside to Matt: I play a Copeland Nickel D, Brass Low A, with a Moore Low D on order [/sub]

As for difficulty, check out Laurence Nugent, Joanie Madden or Micho Russell for some truly virtuoso whistle playing.

D’oh! It’s called “The Gold Ring” and I was listening to it this morning on the train! One of the best versions is on a cd called “Matt Molloy” accomanied by Donal Lunny. Its put out by Green Linnet GLCD 3008 is their catalog number. It’s track # 4. Email me for particulars.

Thanks! I’ll have to check these out when I get home.

Hey, MikeG, I actually took a couple of tin whistle lessons from Matt. I can’t remember what kind of whistle I have, but I’ll check when I get home. (I didn’t continue the lessons because I didn’t have time to practice.)