Help me find a diagnostic tool please

I am looking for a diagnostic tool that I can run from a memory stick. The diagnostig program needs to tell me everything about a computer. I want to know what kind of motherboard, processor, memory, disk, and other equipment installed on a computer. Is there a free diagnostic that will do this?

      • What do you know will not work? Have you tried Sisoft Sandra?

Or do you mean something that can be run without OS support (off a boot utility)–such as when the computer comes into your lap totally fuxed up, and you want to verify hardware function before spending time jacking with OS settings?..

belarc advisor will do this for you. You can’t run it from the memory stick (I don’t think) but you can run the install from the memory stick. It will install a small client and give you the info you need in a web page format in a few seconds. I’ll have to check out this Sisoft Sandra DougC mentioned.