Help me find a good book about potty training

Baby Nightingale is starting to hint that it’s getting time to toilet train. He hides in a corner or otherwise seeks privacy when he needs to poop, and he does the “peepee dance” when he wets his diaper. Occasionally he even tells us “peepee” when he goes (this has only happened once or twice). He’s 17 months old so I figure now is a good time to begin introducing him to the idea that big boys don’t wear diapers. Can anyone recommend a good book to help us get started? Draax (he just joined the board; smile at all the nice people, honey!) and I have never done this before and aren’t quite sure how to begin.

He’s a little young for it, but yes, you are reading the signals correctly. This is good. It means you’re alert and well tuned into him. This makes potty training a lot easier.

I highly recommend Dr. Sears. You may find everything you need on his website. He has a good balance of intuitive parenting and reasurring authoritarianism, if you know what I mean. He knows you know best, but he has lots of advice to offer (based more on the experiences of his practice than his medical school) - take it or leave it.

Good luck! Just keep it light and unimportant to start with. It should be driven by your son, not by you. Do not let it turn into a power struggle. You will lose.

Oh, two more things. Generally it’s best to train little boys sitting down first.

I’m sure **Draax **knows and can take care of this part, but eventually you’re going to have to help him without **Draax **around. I was a single mom and had no idea of how, exactly, boys take care of the penis after urination. Apparently, after he pees, he should shake his penis gently to get the last drop off the tip. They don’t use toilet paper for only urine, the way girls do. I only found this out from male friends after WhyKid developed a very sore penis tip from urine irritating it. So if he gets wiggly after peeing, he’s not being a wiggleworm, he’s doing it right! :smiley:

Thanks, WhyNot. I’ll probably be doing the majority of the training, since I stay home with Sam during the week. I plan to take it pretty easy, not making a high pressure thing for the kiddo. There’s no hurry to get him trained, but if he’s learning to tell me when he goes, I want to at least give hime the opportunity to figure out the rest.

[Family Guy voice] There’s “Everyone Poops”, and then there’s the less-popular “No-One Poops But You.” or, for the Catholics, “You’re a naughty boy, and that’s concentrated evil coming out of your backside” [/Family Guy voice]