Help me find a new shampoo!

I used to use Aussie’s Mango Smoothie, but they stopped making it.

I like it - it’s got only a bit of scent and is gentle enough to use everyday.

Is there another shampoo like it?

Not like it, but better…
Bed Head. Smells like oranges and is REALLY DAMN GOOD.
The “Self Absorbed” line works for combo hair. Use both shampoo and conditioner, neither are heavy. Use also with that, “Ego Boost” leave in conditioner. (not heavy, either)

Never forget to rinse hair after conditioning with cold water. I know it hurts, but it’s GOOD for your hair. Slams that cuticle right down and prevents fuzz.

Also, never buy it in the regular grocery store. Buy it from a salon or beauty supply only. The grocery stores have been carrying product they shouldn’t, and it is often spoiled.

It’s a little more expensive than your regular stuff, but worth every penny. If you don’t have combo hair, they have other lines just for that, but I’m not as familliar with them.