Help me find a scene from Star Trek TNG (?)

My google skills are failing me. I distinctly remember the following: a young boy is brought to the Enterprise, and (I think by Counselor Troi) given a device that he points at a block of material, which then glows and is shaped into a dolphin (I think). He then asks whether he did that.

I thought it might be ‘Hero Worship’, where Data rescues a young boy that proceeds to emulate his mannerisms, but I couldn’t find any reference to the scene (although there is a therapeutic art scene, that only involves painting). I don’t think the boy was from the Enterprise, and may have been part of a less advanced civilization, hence his marvel at the technology.

Does this ring any bells for anyone? I’m starting to think I made the whole thing up, or misremembering something from another show…

When The Bough Breaks (where the kid’s line is “Did I really do this?” following a quick bit of, as you said, dolphin-sculpting-light).

(Link to the episode on Memory Alpha.)

Perfect—thank you!

I fixed the typo in the title, because it was bugging me (it said “scence”, and I kept reading either “science” or “seance”).