Help me find a short story about Johan Cruyff

Possibly this is more of a Cafe Society question, but I’m taking a stab here because I thought soccer/football fans might be more likely to know the answer–

I read a short story some years ago, probably in either Harper’s or the New Yorker, about a Yugoslavian player on the great Ajax team, sort of his observations of Cruyff and what it was like to be a part of the team.

Anyone know?

I can only help in that you are probably talking about Vasovic, as I think he was the only Yugoslav player in that Ajax team (well 1971 at least).

Velibor Vasovic

Thank you! Found it. Somehow it didn’t occur to me the story might be about an actual player.

For anyone curious, the story is “Ajax Is All About Attack” by Jim Shepard, and was first published in Harper’s in 2003.