Help me find a song

I heard a song on the radio last weekend, twice, that I liked. However the radio station didn’t say who it was or even the song name. I was on vacation in St Louis and heard it on 105.7 “The Point” the alternative station. I tried looking on their web site, even listening to all of the songs they said were in heave rotation. I’ve even contacted the station but they never got back to me.

Since it’s been almost a week I don’t remember the lyrics well enough to even put them in google. It was a female singer, and hard rock. The closest I have come to it so far is the new Kelly Clarkson song, but it’s not her as I listened to the CD to make sure.

The lyrics I can remember were only for the chorus. It started out with Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh. With each oh being staccato. Then there was something about either wishing the person well, or being well, then it was something about being In Hell.

Both times I heard the song I was hoping they would say who it was, but they never did. Neither time was I able to write anything down either since the first time I was in traffic and the second time it was 5am. I wish radio stations would put up play lists for at least a few days, they are supposed to keep them right? Unfortunately that’s all I can remember. I’ll know the song if I heard it, but even after asking at music stores no one knows.

I have no idea but have you tried checking the station’s playlist? Maybe you could figure it out from there.

ETA: I just saw your comment about the playlists, sorry my coffee hadn’t kicked in yet.

I have actually. I went through every song they had listed, even the ones that I knew couldn’t be it. The Paramore one was close, but not it. (at least that’s the group I think was close.)

ETA: I haven’t listened to the stuff on the bottom though so it’s possible that it’s there.

You’re certain it was a new song?, or just new to you.

It was new to me, but it sounded more modern. Then again I stopped listening to new stuff in the 90s so what do I know. I don’t ever remember hearing it before this past weekend.

Sounds like “Behind These Hazel Eyes” by Kelly Clarkson to me. But I could be wrong.

Sounds like “Flagpole Sittah” by Harvey Danger. There’s a most excellent video on YouTube right now.

No, that’s not it. But the guitar on her “Never Again” when it picks up is close to what it sounded like.

No, this isn’t it at all. Though I do know the song.

I wish I had more to go on, and I wish the damn station would say who it was.

“U + Ur Hand” by Pink.

Hmm…I love that song (though would it have hurt anything to use the word “you” instead of the “U”?) and have heard it numerous times, and I don’t recall the “wishing you well - hell” lyrics.

Glad you found it, though.

Well, maybe that’s not it, then. I forgot about the “wishing you well-hell” part.

Nope, that’s not it either, though it is at least close. This song was guitar most, if not all the way through.

I couldn’t find the notes I had written down, but I’ll redo what I do remember a little bit better.

I know there was
“oh, oh, oh, oh” 4-8 times, the first oh was lower, the second higher, then back down, then up. The ohohs were pointed and short.
The next line is what I had written down and I thought it was something about wishing you well, but I can’t remember now.
The last line had a few words then, “in hell”.

I’m going to add that at one point in the song the singer had the same kind of feel the singer from Europe does. I’m not talking about Final Countdown either, but other songs of theirs. I know that might not make a whole lot of sense unless you know Europe but there it is.

OK one possibility: Last Kiss Goodbye by Lordi

Too heavy and a male singer.

One bump to see if anyone else has any ideas. How come I could find a song my wife was looking for this morning but not this one.

It wasn’t a song by Evanescence was it?

Unless they’ve just had an album come out then no. Nor did it sound like the singer.

I had never heard the song I put before. I just saw the lyrics. =]

Damn, I’ve been wracking my brains, and don’t recognize the song. Sorry, dude.

Could it be I Wish You Well by Monkeyshine? I doubt that’s it, but…