Help Me Find a Storage Box

My google-fu is weak today.

I’m looking for a low profile (6-8 inches tall) storage box that has configurable sections in a largish size, say 2 feet by 3 feet.

I’m imagining something like a plastic bin with a lid that you might buy for storing things under your bed; except I want to be able to configure compartments, or dividers in it for customized storage separation.

I’m not really finding anything like that online. I feel like something like that must exist somewhere.

Help me?

Can you just get the container and buy drawer organizers separately to fit?

Have you tried They have the largest selection of boxes and storage-related items that I know of. Check the Shelving, Bins & Storage category.

That was actually more or less my original idea. The problem is that I don’t want small compartments. I need, for example a compartment that is about 8-10 inches wide by 24 - 30 inches long. I need another compartment 10 by 10 or 12 x 12 inches.

Rubbermaid has lots of container sizes, but I’m not seeing dividers to use inside them. Is there some reason the different sized things need to be in the same box?

I ended up buying different sizes of Rubbermaid boxes. The reason I wanted them in one box is for convenience. How easy would it be to travel with a suitcase that was broken into its individual parts and pockets.