Help me find an article about Stagger Lee

I first heard this folk song performed by Nick Cave, but after reading about even older versions of the song in Harper’s Magazine, I’ve been trying to find more information about this mythical badman. Many of the sites that I’ve found (like this one) point toward an article by one Tony Kullen, called “Stagger Lee: A Historical Look at the Urban Legend”, but none of the links to it work and I can’t find it anywhere.

That seems to be the Grail – does anyone either know where I can find Kullen’s article, or just happen to be a Stagger Lee scholar?

This seems to be a copy of the article you’ve mentioned.

That’s it! Thanks. I see my Google skills have more improving to do, because I sure couldn’t find it.

Pick up the Anthology of American Folk Music. You’ll find an old version on it. And many other gems.

Here’s a cool link for ya:

It’s a page that mainly discusses the Grateful Dead’s version of the song, but it links out to several other sites, and includes some interesting tidbits on the Staggolee.

Ripple, I appreciate the thought, but did you check out the link in my OP? :slight_smile:

Thanks, DP. I’ve got a pretty good bibliography to work with now!

D’oh! A thousand pardons…