Help me find Andy Rooney's "How to be a boss"

I saw his commentary on TV before I became old and cynical and I have never been able to find a text of it. As I’ve gone through various jobs I’ve learned how true much of his words were.

  1. Get a job.
  2. Go to lots of meetings.
  3. Complain about how busy you are and how your expertise is actually “management”.
  4. Ask for and eventually get assistants to do the actual work.
  5. Complain about and start a file on an assistant
  6. Fire the assistant
  7. Now you’ve established that you’re a boss and you need more assistants since the previous assistant was inadequate.
  8. Grow your staff…since you’re now a legitimate boss and can’t do actual work.

Anyone remember something this? With more tongue in cheek humor?

WOW! I assumed that it would be a used book on Amazon, but I couldn’t find it. I also checked Alibris and Barnes and Noble.

Until now, I thought almost every book was available on the internet somewhere.


Oh. It isn’t a book afterall.

This Andy Rooney newspaper column called “If you want to be important, get an important assistant” might be of interest: