help me find short film. Coroners office. Zombies

Some time this year I have watched a short film/preview based around the aftermath of a zombie outbreak. It is told from the perspective of the coroner who is in charge of disposing of zombies and anyone else who may be infected (I think controlled burn was the term used/maybe not???). The coroner goes to some effort to save a baby.

Any ideas?

I don’t normally watch zombie stuff but I enjoyed this.

There’s World War Z. The only trailer that I’ve heard of isn’t much like your description. Here’s the trailer:

This isn’t what you’re looking for, because The Case is being investigated by a detective, and there’s no baby in it, but for some reason your description reminded me of the short film the kids in Super 8 were making throughout the film. The whole short was shown during the ending credits. Thanks for making me think of it because I have very very fond feelings toward Super 8. I hated the alien, but I loved everything else. Mainly and especially the kids and how they interacted, they were great.


Found it woot!

That’s a fake, btw, with lots of clips from different zombie movies and even deep impact :slight_smile:

Oh, no, my whole life I’ve assumed that everyone was being honest with me. I’ve been a wide-eyed, fresh-faced innocent that thought that the whole world would always deal straight with me. And now you tell me that someone has lied to me? Well, now I’m going to turn into a despairing, embittered old man who’ll never trust anyone again. What’s the point in doing anything good for anyone anymore? Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go start World War III, destroy some random small nation’s finances, seduce some innocent young virgin woman, and kick a puppy.

That sounds ridiculously fun, can I tag along?