Help me find the best mortgage lender

I see that the ‘Help me find the best <x>’ threads seem to do well here so…

I’m looking at mortgage lenders and although I understand the proper way to shop a mortgage I need help in narrowing my efforts.

So, quite simply, who’d you use and did their product work for you?


I did mine on line…and had GREAT success. Everything above-board and quick. Got a really good interest rate as well!

Use the big name-brand websites. Google “mortgage” and stand back from your monitor…you will be amazed at your choices.

I made use of both QuickenLoans and The Lending Tree…they were both good, but one was a little faster to get back to me, so I stuck with them and didn’t regret it.

Thanks DMark!! You’re exactly right when you say stand back! It’s overwhelming the number of choices. I’m also considering e-loan as they have a system that returns a wide variety of options plus detailed info.

Where are you located? If it’s in the bay area, I can recommend a couple.

We were pretty happy with Chase. They had a good level of service which we needed when we were buying our house (our first). We have since refinanced to a cheaper no-frills kind of place, who are going to sell our mortgage to some other institution shortly.

I’m actually in New England. I appreciate the responses. It’s important to know who plays above board and who doesn’t. If anyone has any they definitely DON’T recommend, I’m all ears (eyes?).