Help me find the name of this cookie

They’re wafer-like and came in a little plastic tub (like the kind you get out of the deli). I had the chocolate and vanilla flavors, but there could be others. The cookies were not very sweet, and had a crumbly texture. I think they might be an ethnic*, or specialty item, because I’ve never seen them in my (small) town.

*I got them from a Jewish person, who got them from a large city. That might be relevant.

Okay, that’s all I’ve got to go on. Any ideas?

Is there any pattern pressed into the wafer? How big and thick are they? (Wow, that sounded bad.) Is the chocolate a flavor baked into the wafer or is it a coating? Are they are golden baked color?

Chocolate is a flavor. There might have been alternating layers of brown and golden color, but I can’t remember. There also could have been a pattern (criss cross like sugar wafers), but again, I’m not sure. I know it’s not much to go on, but I haven’t seen them in about six years.

Did they look like this?

If so, they are called Floretine cookies, and they are good.

I’m willing to bet they looked like this:

Annie Xmas and ddgryphon, no that’s not them. Those florentine cookies sound good though. The second link is a picture of what’s known as sugar wafers around here. Sugar wafers are much sweeter than the things I’m thinking of.

Cow chips?

You may be tallking about a pizzelle. They are an Italian cookie made on an iron
just like a waffle. They are traditionally anise flavor but I have made chocolate and other flavors. Here is a Picture .

The pizelle is what came to my mind too. I just couldn’t remember the name!! (starts with “p”, Italian… :confused: )

Yes, that’s them (the pizelles)! Thanks everyone.

Pizelles are not too hard to make, should you be so inclined. You do however, need a special iron. Mine just works on the stove bruner, I don’t have an electric fancy-dancy pizelle maker.

You can fine recipes all over the internet. Most contain anise, but if like me you don’t care for licorice flavor, it’s easy enough to substitute. I like amaretto, or even a little rum to spice it up.