Help me find these parody songs

All you Dopers seem especially good at identifying rare and obscure songs, so it has come time for me to take my turn in asking you for help. There are two parody songs from the early 80’s that I used to hear on Dr. Demento all the time, but unfortunately I have no idea who sang them, which makes searching for them on AuGxy a futile experience.

The first was called “Falklands!” and was based on J. Geils Band’s “Freeze-Frame” which was a big hit at the time (which coincided, ironically enough, with the Falklands War.) You’d think that would be enough criteria to find out more info, but a Google search for “Falklands J. Geils parody song” only turns up another person searching for the same damn song!!!

The second was called “Pac-Man” and was a parody of Rod Stewart’s “Passion”. I’m totally stumped on this one.


Dr. Demento has a website that shows many of his weekly playlists, and by going through the playlists from the 80s I was able to find the following:

“Pac-Man Fever” was by Buckner and Garcia
“Pac-Man” was by Weird Al Yankovic (I’m guessing this is the takeoff of “Passion” by Rod Stewart)
“I Had Sex with Pac-Man” was by Barnes and Barnes

I haven’t found anything yet on the Falklands song; are you sure that was the title?

That was Steve Dahl & Teenage Radiation.

Dahl was (still is?) a Chicago DJ, also famous for “Disco Demolition” at Comiskey Park, waybackwhen.

El Mariachi Loco, please tell me you just knew that Steve Dahl did “Falklands”, rather than having to search for it. I spent an hour this morning running various searches for that blasted song and couldn’t find it. And according to his Web site, Dahl still is a fixture in Chicago radio.

Speaking of which, Jeremy’s Evil Twin … it’s customary to say “thanks” when folks have gone out of their way to help you.

El Mariachi…thanks!! I’ll be looking for that one.

Sauron…it’s not any of those three, and BTW, it’s customary not to be an asshole in ANY situation. (I just woke up, for chrissakes.)

Actually, Jeremy’s Evil Twin, I’m the one who owes you thanks. You just reduced by one the number of Dopers I feel compelled to help, when they ask for it.

Sauron - Yes, that’s something I just happen to know. I can still see Dahl dressed up as Little Bo Peep singing the “sheep, sheep, deedle-eep” bridge. I hope I’m not making that up.

Jeremy’s - If you haven’t already found it, a quick search on “Steve Dahl” should point you to the official site. The site’s Store has a four-cd set of his work, part of which is a “music montage” including your song, through probably not the whole thing. I’m pretty sure their label was “Ovation” at the time, and it might not have been released except as a vinyl 45.

Sauron, meet me here.