Another 80s song request...

I remember weird odds & ends.

The verses are sort of spoke-sung by a male–sort of like Fred Schneider from the B52s, but in more of a baritone voice. I seem to recall from the video (which I’d see on VH1, never MTV) that the guy was bald, slightly resembling one of the villains from The Hills Have Eyes.

The chorus was sung by a woman in standard spangly 80s get-up. She was the only woman, IIRC, in the group (which I imagine was a one-hit wonder–certainly not a household-name act).

So the verse would be bouncy cadence-like, and the chorus was more melodious and soothing. The only lyric I remember was the recurring word “Holiday”, appearing quite a bit in the verses; don’t remember if it was in the chorus (or the song title), but the sentiment of the song (relaxing, getting away, etc.) was similar to, say, “Holiday” by Madonna or “Vacation” by the Go-Gos.

Definitely bubble-gum pop, and a song that probably didn’t even break the Top 20. But I remember liking it.

Also, the video was very brightly-colored, with picture-postcard types of visuals (mostly, IIRC, cheap bluescreen effects).

This would’ve been in the mid-to-late 80s.

That’s about it. Any ideas…?

That would be Holiday, by The Other Ones.

“Holiday” by The Other Ones
Does anyone by chance happen to have a copy of the video for this song?
Loved the song, had a hard time finding the CD, saw the video only once, but would love to have a copy of it.

I believe it was “Rio”, by Duran Duran.

No, no, it was “You’re my obsession” by Animotion

Thanks Darwin’s Finch and Stanger. Now I’ve just got to find some 80s collection that has this… :slight_smile: