Help me find this "cubicle rearview mirror" that used to be on thinkgeek used to have a nifty little item that looked inconspicuous or maybe just like a paperweight of something but it was actually a “rearview mirror” for your cubicle. I’m tired of being snuck up on at work (especially by my boss while I’m playing text twist or drawing in mspaint) and now I can’t find this thing anywhere.

It would of course be lame and obvious to just set a mirror there.

Is it still on thinkgeek and I’m just not seeing it? Is it on another site?


Why don’t you just… get… a mirror? Not to be insulting, but what was so great about this one?


Found it. :slight_smile:

Arrr. We’ll pretend like I posted first.

Well shoot, that thing isn’t quite as cool (or inconspicuous) as I remembered it being. Thanks for finding it for me though! Don’t know how I’ve been missing it.

MeanOldLady: second place is the first loser. Stay out of my threads from now on, loser.

::Laughs uproariously:: You talk a lot of smack now that you’re hundreds of miles away.