Help Me Find This Man!

I got pulled over last night for a broken headlight, and when the cop ran my name, he came back and asked me if I knew a “Ronald Barnhardt”, who had apparently been using my name, and ALL my personal information, when he gets pulled over! Apparently, the bastard has gotten 6 DWIs and DUIs, along with many, many speeding tickets, and other assorted tickets. Now, no cop has ever told me this before, and I get pulled over about once a month. The last time I had spoken to a cop was a few nights ago, when I wrecked my car in a me-only accident that was no-one’s fault. He didn’t mention it, possibly because it happened in KS, and this all took place in MO. All I know about this guy is that his name is Ronald Barnhardt (the cop wrote out his name for me), and he lives in or around KC, MO (obviously, the officer couldn’t be more specific). Does anyone know how I could find out who this guy is, and where he lives, so Guido and I can make an ‘appearance’? FYOI, I keep every reciept I get, 'specially ‘yellow slips’ with your CC#s on them, don’t post more than my first name on anything, so I doubt (but it is possible) that he got it from the 'net. I’ve worked at 4 jobs, only one of those can I think of that would POSSIBLY give out my personal info w/out my permission. Other than that, school records. But still, why would this sock-fucker pick me? Hmmm?


We are the children of the Eighties. We are not the first “lost generation” nor today’s lost generation; in fact, we think we know just where we stand - or are discovering it as we speak.

Go here and check out the “officer” page. There’s a familiar name in the VP slot. Verrryyyy fishy. :wink:

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I don’t quite understand… If someone had been using your name and personal information when he was pulled over, how does the police know his name? And if they know their name and address, why haven’t they arrested him or dealt with him yet?

*Homer: Now, no cop has ever told me this before, and I get pulled over about once a month. *

Once a month? Geez, I’d hate to see your insurance rates. :slight_smile:

You can engage a PI or use one of the many online dig’em up services. I used when I had to sue someone a while back. It cost, IIRC, about $20 to get some background info that would’ve cost substantially more from a PI. A friend of mine was recently contacted by the Secret Service (Treasury Department) when they discovered someone had applied for and received a MasterCard in his name - perhaps they’re an avenue? You can start for free with an inquiry to whois.

Homer writes:


Ever hear of schizophrenia? Maybe you’ve got two personalities… both of them incredibly reckless when it comes to cars…

I got your name off of the net:

Try checking court records under both your name and Ron’s. If he’s had all these arrests and tickets, there should be records of each case at the Courthouse. Also, on the ticket you got, it should have the officer’s name. Call him and ask for more info.

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