Help me find this program please! (Windows program for playing with WAV files)

I used to use a Windows program where the GUI showed the QWERTY keyboard layout, and you could click on each key and assign a WAV file to it. When you pressed that key, the WAV file would start or stop. My friend, a real scratch DJ, would hook up his turntables and my computer to a speaker system and a recording system of some kind and he would scratch while I sampled WAV samples I had downloaded or whittled down from songs and other files.

I would love to play with that program again and make some “music”, but I can’t remember what the name was and it was something too generic to google–AudioBoard or SoundBoard or something similar, but not named one of those two things.

If someone could help me find this software again, I would owe them a huge debt of gratitude and probably lunch and a drink too.

Here is a program that will do exactly what you’re asking - I don’t think it’s the one you’re thinking of though - this one is designed for dubbing light sabre SFX onto video footage where they have been added. You can make it play any sound you like though, of course.

If that’s no good, then you might want to search for ‘cart wall’ software - intended for use in radio station playout, but again, possibly quite suitable for what you want. JazlerShow is freeware and DRS2006 also has a freeware cart wall offering.

Thanks. None of these are the specific one I used to use, but I found a similar program called BackToBasics and I will check out your links too. Haven’t had a chance to fool with the program I got because I’ve been busy screwing around with the samples and sort of re-mixing them.