Help me find two DVDs (31 Days of Oscar)

In 2004 and 2005, Barnes & Noble released two DVDs to promote TCM’s annual “31 Days of Oscar” series. The DVDs are 31 Days of Oscar: Academy Award-Winning Classic Cartoons and 31 Days of Oscar: Academy Award-Winning Short Films. I really want a copy of these two DVDs. But Barnes & Noble no longer sells them and they were a B&N exclusive promotion so nobody else ever sold them. So I have to find used copies. Which I’ve been trying to do but haven’t had any luck. I’ve tried all the obvious places: Amazon, eBay,, and Barnes & Noble’s own site - but no luck. Does anyone have any suggestions on where I can look for these DVDs? Is there any movie equivalent to

I’m sure you’ve all been working on this question over the weekend and are anxious to post your answers now.