Check out THESE DVD deals I found!

Ok, at one of my local Blockbuster’s (this one is in Anderson, SC), they are having some GREAT deals on all of their used DVD’s. They are all already priced pretty low, but for the next month or so, you get 25% off of the already great prices (no, I don’t work for Blockbuster, lol). Now, here is the deal…

…at this specific store, they have not only the normal used DVD’s they always sale, that are in the Blockbuster cases, but they have DVD’s still in the cases that you would see in the store. They told me that the store was picked to sale these DVD’s because it’s one of the biggest in this area. What they are, are DVD’s that people said was defective, and then they sent them in to where ever to get fixed. They were fixed just like brand new, and they are now being sold. Here are some of the deals that I picked up, a few which I’d never be able to buy at a Blockbuster otherwise. Oh yeah, all of these come with the real cases (as I’ve said before), all packaging, and all inserts and papers…

**1) Monster’s INC. Collector’s Edition 2-Disc DVD — $7

  1. Ice Age 2-Disc Special Edition — $7

  2. The Royal Tenenbaums The Criterion Collection — $8

  3. One Hour Photo — $7

  4. Pearl Harbor The Director’s Cut Four-Disc Set — $8

  5. Reservoir Dogs Ten Years Special Edition Two-Disc — $8

  6. Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas Special Edition — $8**

…and that’s just what I’ve bought, they have tons of other DVD’s like this. To my suprise, they even had the Suspiria Three-Disc set for $8, which I plan to buy when I get paid on Friday, if it’s still there. There are hundreds like this, I just thought it was cool and thought I would share what I picked up, heh.