LOTR/Blockbuster deal - any of you get this?

Not only did I not get it the first time, I didn’t get it this time either.

a very small crunching noise, and smacking of tiny lips

“Mmm,” said the hamster. “Tastes like chicken.”


Hmmm…I don’t get it.

I did. It’s a good deal if you rent from Blockbuster. 25 bucks for 10 free rentals and a free “Lord of the Rings” DVD? You bet. It’s a double disc set with 5.1 and it’s widescreen to boot. Count me in.

I did it with “Shrek” last Christmas for my kids. 10 rentals equals about 40 bucks so I feel it’s well worth the money.

uhhhhhhhhh… yes?.. no?.. where am I?

Oh, upon seeing Cholo’s clarification I must admit this sounds like a pretty good deal. I may just have to get it.

LOL - sorry folks. I posted the thread last night as I was heading for bed and it was taking FOREVER to post, so I just closed out the window and went to bed, thinking it wouldn’t post.

Cholo’s right - you get 10 rentals at a lower price than usual PLUS the LOTR DVD for free. Only small caveat is that the rentals must be used once per week for 10 consecutive weeks. Small price to pay.

The only reason you might want to wait is this: in November, they are releasing an Extended LOTR DVD. This apparently will include an additional 30 min. of actual movie footage inserted into movie, plus 6 hours (!) of extras.

Looks like I’ll be owning two versions come November.

Yes… that was the main idea. :wink:

I was going to rent the August one and buy the November one. But I cannot pass up the Blockbuster deal.

That was my plan too, but the Blockbuster deal is throwing a wrench into it. And, I just found out the wife was going to get this for me, and now she’s mad that I found out about it early.

Uh-oh. Here she comes. I blame y’all.

I also did this with Shrek last year, for me it was a great deal since I was planning to buy the DVD anyway, so it was like getting all of the rentals for free.

For the LotR one I am not so sure since I bought the DVD already a couple of months ago. But if you want to do this deal, but also want to get the later deluxe version of the DVD, is it possible they’ll have some sort of upgrade coupon with the DVD? Or am I just being naive? Also, perhaps you could save the current DVD unopened to give someone as a gift and then later buy the deluxe version.

My Dad is getting it. We have the Blockbuster Gold membership card, which shows you how much we rent anyway, so Dad figured, why not add a good movie to our collection? He’s not a fanatic and he doesn’t care which dvd he gets, so it’s a good deal.

Blockbuster is evil. If you have an alternative, please don’t give them your money. Thank you.

I’ve done it, and can’t wait for August 6. This was a good stretch to get the 10 weeks of rentals, as I’ve seen a lot of great flicks for free. I’ll probably also get the November LOTR release, and either sell the August copy to a used CD/DVD store, or keep it for the extras that won’t be on the Nov. release.