What's the best place to sell DVDs?

I’ve recently upgraded to a plasma TV with a Blu-Ray player (mmmm, it’s so pretty). I’ve gotten a lot of Blu-Ray discs as gifts (or on good sale) that I already had on DVD, so I’m looking to get rid of some of these used discs. Where does everybody else go to unload their old DVDs? Google has revealed some businesses that buy used DVDs, but the prices are abysmal (like $4 for an entire season of a TV show like The Sopranos). Is Ebay (or something similar) worth the time? Are there any brick & mortar stores that offer decent prices, such as Half Price Books or Blockbuster?


Ebay and craigslist - though I don’t know how much you want to deal with craigslist. What TV series are you getting rid of?

If there’s a Hastings near you, that’s what I would try. It’s where I sell mine.

What do you have?

FYE used to pay pretty well for used DVD’s, but the last time I took some in there, I only got about $5 each for tv show seasons and like $1-2 for movies. At least at my local store, they seem to have a glut of used stuff, so that’s probably why.

Half Price Books pays about the same, but unless I had something that I knew would sell for around $20 on ebay or Amazon, I’d just take it there to unload it.

It’s worth checking the titles on Amazon - a few of them might command a decent price there - set your price at a few pennies lower than the competitors (at the same condition) for a quick sale

I sell on Amazon.

On a blanket on the sidewalk.

I’d suggest looking into swapadvd.com. You get one credit for each DVD you ship out and I think BluRay discs are two credits. You can’t change the DVDs into cash, but you can get gently used BluRay movies from other members. I’ve had great success with this site and it’s sister site, paperbackswap.com.

I’ve sold a few to buybacks, but they only paid about $1.50 apiece so I’ve otherwise kept the DVDs that I’ve “double dipped” on in storage in a box in the closet.

I’ve had Blu-ray over a year now, but none of my friends, my family, or my girlfriend show any signs of interest in Blu-ray in the near future, no matter how much I talk up or demo the format. For this reason, I’ve kept the duplicate DVDs for whenever I want to bring the movie over to one of their houses.

Hello! If you intend to sell a bunch of DVDs, I would go with Bonavendi’s bulk comparison engine, no question. They compare prices to give you the best choice out there. Hope I was helpful!