Help me find Wang Ka's masterful post

I’ve lost a few bookmarks and want to send the one that Wang Ka did about getting rid of Jehovah’s with a sword/umbrella and running nearly naked down the street after them to a friend.
All my searches are pfffftttt.

After much searching, having to wait 120 seconds between searches…

It’s here. In this thread.

This one is one of my favorite **Master Wang-ka ** stories.

This one too

I miss him. :frowning:

Those are some great stories.

I’m almost afraid to ask… what happened to him? I’m hoping it’s just that he didn’t re-up, but something about your tone says otherwise…

This is/was his website. Hopefulyl you guys have better luck getting your hands on that book, because I got no response.

As far as I know, he’s fine, he just didn’t re-up. Shame, since god knows he’d never have to pay a dime if he wanted to come back.

Here’s a Doper reading one of his stories at an open mike. Any word?

Oh my God, I laughed so hard I almost plotzed myself. I had forgotten all about him until now, and now I want him back :frowning: I’ll try contacting him later through his angelfire e-mail.

Try again through the website that **Troy McClure ** posted.

I bought the online edition of Master Wang-Ka’s book (ten bucks) and laughed all the way through it. Worth every penny.

I miss him too.