Help me fix my zipper

I’m at work. I went to the restroom, sat down to do my business, and when I stood back up, the zipper slider had come off. I can insert it on one side of teeth or the other, but I can’t get both sides of teeth to fit in. I’ve been trying to slide both sides of teeth through the slider bottom to no avail.

Now I’m hoping when I leave work, my barn door won’t be flapping open, revealing the gaping hole that contains my junk.

h e l p

If you’re in an office environment you might be able to use office supplies as a stopgap until you can get home to fix it properly. Do you have any paper binder clips available? You may be able to clip the fly shut from the inside using a couple of those. well enough to last a couple hours, at any rate.

Send out a company wide email declaring “pants off afternoon”.

Take your pants off, return to your desk, and no one will be the wiser about your zipper.

“Help me fix my zipper.”

That sounds like a line some guy would lay on me in a bar. LOL

I got nothin’.

You are in an office. Just staple your fly together.

Wardrobe malfunction…