Help me get over a video

Hi all, it was rather unfortunate that I tuned into discovery channel some days ago. Here is the nasty bit, it was all over in about 10 seconds, before I could even say “change, change, its going to be nasty!”. A man is holding a sheep by its testicles. And he squeezes out the two, and this guy puts his mouth on them and just sucks/cuts them off. Eww!! I just can’t get over it.

So, what - you figured “misery lives company?”

Thanks a lot.

You probably don’t want to see how he spays the females.

They did that on an episode of Dirty Jobs–is that what you saw? Yeah, it was pretty gross.

Might be. And the guy who performed it believed his saliva was anti bacterial. Tobacco stained that too. With the sheep bleating, it was miserable.

When ever I’ve had a song stuck in my head for a long time, I go listen to another song that I know to be an earworm. I guess that just replaces the problem, but at least it’s a change of pace.

So maybe you need a different disturbing scene. You ever see the movie Casino?

I’m curious as to where that was filmed. Idaho, Spain, Chile? Its an old method of castration which I associate with remote communities. Mongolia etc. Effective though.

The problem is the lamb can pick up an infection and later die.

The usual method is emasculation which involves the seminal tubes being broken by a special set of pliers. The benefit is the pouch is not cut so there is no open wound.

Here we go - enjoy. :smiley:

When I run across a really disgusting image that I can’t get out of my head, I find it helpful to run a search for something that’s both pretty and totally unrelated, then surf the results. Looking at all those other pictures seems to help wash out the unpleasant imagery.

Good idea.

WARNING: NSFW (horse giving birth)

Warning, guys. Ken001 posted a video to a horse gelding.

This will get the taste of sheep balls out of your mind.

(As always, the cure may be worse than the disease…)

Spoilsport! Just fighting innocence.

Thanks for the suggestions ! Sorry for the unintended bump :frowning:

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Good idea.


Don’t post links like this without a warning. Posting them without a warning on purpose (which seemed to be your intent) can be seen as being a jerk on here.

I have edited your post to include a warning.

Just a reminder, no warning for you.

A non-warning for a non warning? :smiley:

Watch cartoons for a bit. I watch them after scary movies to get over “the creeps”. Always works!

My apologies, I hadn’t realised. One person’s humour is another’s horror. Understood.