Dirty Jobs-oct 21

Mike Rowe has just castrated a number of lambs with his teeth.





That’s just nuts!!
And I agree: :eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:

I’d say that episode’s in the bag!

I suppose this is the logical next step for the man who’s handled the semen of no fewer than 4 species…

There aren’t even words… I physically gagged. Mr Johnson and I both covered our faces for those… events. I thought he would’ve stopped after the first one. :eek::eek::eek:

The rerun before tonight’s episode had him sawing alpaca teeth so that they couldn’t bite each other’s testicles. Mike was holding his own crotch while they talked about that. How could he do that to the lambs!?
Of all of the disgusting things I’ve seen Mike Rowe do… that takes the cake.

Eh, that’s how they taught us to do it in college. I haven’t seen that episode yet, but it’s an old sheepherder’s trick.

Strangest. Nuts. Ever.

I love Mike but that episode…no. Just no.

[we need a puking icon]

Then they fried and ate them?!? (Also, I think Mike accidently bit one in half.)

To comment on the rest of that segment – I didn’t know lambs had long tails!

After they described the tool that’s available for removing the nads, I really thought Mike would chicken out and use it. Kudos to him for doing the teeth trick several times.

Mike’s said in interviews that the producers and/or Discovery channel have been reluctant to let him do much with anything involving converting livestock to tasty food. Hopefully this episode means that will be changing.

He cooked and ate my college mascot a couple years ago.

At least he did a nice little dance every time. And as for cooking them, I’ve eaten Rocky Mountain oysters before and they were quite tasty. I don’t imagine sheep balls taste too different. Balls is balls.

Geoducks? Cod? Something else? To be slightly more specific - he said they won’t let him do anything involving slaughtering or processing cows, pigs, chickens, etc. I’m guessing since molluscs, fish, and the like aren’t as cuddly, they’re OK with them getting gutted.

Heres a snippet (ahem) of the show…complete with the skeevy dance.

My favorite part:

Rowe: Are you generally supposed to wipe the poo off the scrotum?


I think Mike Rowe needs to register here. Take some of the pressure off Hal.

Got it in one, geoducks.

I trial border collies (sheepdogs) and I got to spend a day helping out with a range flock about 100 miles from Vegas. Great experience for the dogs- we often compete on range sheep at dog trials, but our practice sheep are very,very tame and not as challenging. One of the head workers was a lady in her sixties that has been in the sheep business her entire life. She swears that the only way to castrate a lamb is biting off the nuts- that it’s the least stressful, fastest and that the lambs done in this manner will recover quicker and gain weight faster. It’s a bit surreal though to have conversations with a sixty plus old lady with her face literally covered in sheep blood. I do my lambs with bands, they seem to do just fine, never lost one and don’t have to take them to market (apparently banded lambs may be docked pricewise).

I know it’s not a kitten thread…but figured a few pictures might be appropriate (don’t worry, I did not get any graphic pics that day!).

My dog Jane after she helped push all 1300 sheep in there (not quite by herself :slight_smile: )


My pup, Jet, stealing a snack from the nut box


Mother consoling her twins after the fact:


I’d still kiss him on the mouth.

He don’t need to…he’s got his own Message Board: