Dirty Jobs - "Wild Goose Chase"

Right now I am watching Mike Rowe molest a goose -

-and I’m loving it!

God, I’m sick.

Haven’t seen it yet, but last week’s ep was a hoot, especially when he got ants in his pants. It was like the producers were playing a game of “How far can we push this guy?”

The fact that he still does the show after that one where he let a bajillion lake snakes bite the crap out of him suggests that he’s either dedicated to the job or a huge freaking moron and they’ll never get rid of him. :slight_smile: Also, don’t talk about my future husband that way.

Mike Rowe is the target of many a man-crush. I admit, I’m one of them.

If I could go out for beers with Mike, Ric Flair and Anthony Bourdain I’d just go ahead and kill myself because life would be all downhill from there.

For some reason he really pings my gaydar, and I’m seldom wrong about such things.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that, as both my wife and I would do him in a nanosecond.