Help me get the snot out!

OK, so I have the sinus infection of all time. My nose is stopped up solid and I’m losing about a quart of fluid an hour into kleenex. I have a lymph node that feels like a cat’s eye in my neck.

I need doper first aid. I’ve got an interview at lunch tomorrow and I need to get through it without sounding like Charlie Brown’s teacher and without displacing green and yellow goo for about a hour. What stop gap measures can you guys suggest over the course of the next 16 hours or so?

Take lots of drugs. Take the most potent cold medicine you can tonight and just sleep like a rock. Also, try something hot…soup, tea, etc. (there are even kinds of like “medicine tea” if im not mistaken) The steam loosens up all the junk in your sinus cavities. You’ll be blowing your nose A LOT but that gets it all out, and maybe you won’t sound so clogged up.

I’ve been sick 4 times now this winter…I feel your pain. Good luck!!

Yeah, I’ve decided that I’m going to have a few piping hot bowls of Chicken Noodle Soup for breakfast tomorrow to try and loosen things up, and at least on staming hot shower right before I leave the house.

I’m a little uncertain about the whole drugs thing, I mean I have an infection, not the typical cold virus or allergy reaction. With the latter it works fine to dry things out, I’m not sure if “cold medecine” will really have much effect. I might make a trip to the Walgreens later tonite if I get some good suggestions.

I Am Not a Doctor, I am an RN though. But any advice I give is based on personal experiance. With that disclaimer in place, proceed.

Although you may need antibiotics to clear up an infection, nothing stops the drips better than chlorpheniramine maleate. That is the generic name. It is a common ingrediant in many OTC cold remedies but it’s better to just get the generic and take it according to directions about 4 mg every 4-6 hours. It is also very economcal, usually less than 5 bucks for 100.

If you are stopped up pseudoephedrine (generic sudafed) is best. If you are both stopped up and running it is OK to take both of them at the same time. Just avoid taking more than one combination drug at a time because most of them contain the same 4 or 5 ingrediants. Also be aware that pseudoephedrine can make you jittery—like caffiene so take with caution at bedtime.

Oh and increase your fluid intake. It will thin the secretions and make them easier to eliminate. Saline nasal spray used liberally will also help clean out the passages.

Take it easy if you can.


In one of the worlds most mixed blessings, I just checked my e-mail to find that the CEO has asked if we could postpone the interview until later in the week.

I suppose I’ll be healthier by then, but it kinda makes the last minute preparing I’ve done all day today unneeded. And I want to start getting paid. Anyways, keep the ideas coming.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hey Omni,
NotaDoc, but it works for me, every time:

Echinacea, Tincture; one dropperful( about 1 ml) every three hours. There are good companies:e-mail me for reference. This acts in a different way than the OTC’s mentioned. Be glad to explain it to ya.

Im with the nurse, you are not drinking enough fluids. Drink real fluids, not coffee or alcohol that drain more water from ya.

If you do not drink more fluids & your mucus (sputum) stays thick, you could have bronchitis coming up next.

Just before the interview, mix a teaspoon of salt into a cup of warm water. Pour a little into your palm and snort it into one nostril while holding the other closed. Take in enough water so that it runs into your mouth (just spit it out.) Do this a couple of times on each side. Then blow your nose and prepare to be horrified.

This really works and will keep you clear for an hour at least.

On a little variation of what cher said, try this:

fill a measuring cup (or something with some kind of pour-spout lip) with 1 cup very warm water and 1/4 teaspoon of salt. Tilt your head over the sink and, while breathing through your mouth, pour the water slowly into one of your nostrils. Allow it to run out the other side. It may be hard to get the water to go through if you are super stuffed up, but, like cher said, you’ll be amazed at what kind of yuck comes out. After pouring entire cup through first nostril, lean over sink and blow gently through your nose. Repeat entire process for other side.

It really does work although that “water in the nose feeling” is STRANGE at first.

Spackle. Breathe thru your mouth.

Um, Omni… I wouldn’t do this in the parking lot if I were you. If a security camera picks it up, you’ll be peeing in a cup for the drug test before you even get your coat off!! :smiley: