Help me get this crap out of my mailbox...

Apparently as part of the deal of buying a home, I have inherited all of the myriad catalogues that the former owner received. Now we’re not talking about the occasional stray Land’s End here. This family was in to some serious shopping, and did not first enter into any kind of non-proliferation agreement. The result is a stack of catalogues and assorted other junk mail flyers which average from about 2-4 inches thick each day.

What’s the fastest and simplest was to get this crap our of my mailbox?

For anything that has a return address, cross out the send to address and write over is MOVED - RETURN TO SENDER
Then post it all…

In the OP, I failed to mention that most of these are addressed to:

Current Resident


W. Smith or Current Resident

They are also not normally first class postage, so they won’t forward them.

Can I still do the cross out/ return thingee? [sub]I like the idea of them getting a taste of their own medicine.[/sub]

In those cases, I write something like REMOVE FROM MAILING LIST - RETURN TO SENDER.

Regardless how how it was sent to me, I still send it back… how it is returned is not my problem :slight_smile:

There are also associations of direct marketing… here in Canada I think it’s called the Direct Marketing Association… you can request that your name be removed from mailing lists… it won’t get everything, but it can help a fair bit…

The Direct Marketing Association maintains “do not mail” lists (as well as “do not call” for telemarketers, etc.).

You can register with them to get your name removed from mailing lists here (there’s a $5 fee to do so online, but you can mail it in free).

Their main consumer info page is here - the consumer assistance page is where you’ll find links to opt-out forms for phone and e-mail, and some other consumer info.

One side-note and disclaimer: I have not used these services myself, as I tend not to have major problems with junk mail, but the DMA is a legitimate organization.