I hate junk mail. Can I stop it ?

Can I stop it??

I always put “Return to Sender”,
“Sender: Remove me from your mailing list”

Sometimes it takes 2 or 3 tries b4 they comply. However some never comply. There is this charitable org that realize upon donations that sends me very expensive looking invitations, promotions, etc and they will not stop. I want to tell all contributors about how they waste their money.

Chase back also will not stop.

I want them arrested! Is there a gov’t org that I can complain to??

I know this was kinda a vent, thanks for the space

Checkout JunkBusters.

Write “DECEASED. PLEASE REMOVE FROM MAILING LIST.” on the reply card and send it back in their postage-paid envelope. I think if you just write “remove from mailing list” they don’t take it as seriously. I used to get a large amount of junk mail, and this has cut way back on the amount I get.


If they include a post paid card or envelope, paste it to a brick before mailing.

I work at a shelter, and the shelter does not have a mailing address. They can’t even get carrier route sort bulk resident mail.

You could look into a set up like that, and have your mail delivered to a PO box.

Another thing that you can do is register with the direct marketing association. They maintain two types of lists: calling and mailing. You can (for the price of a stamp) opt out of bulk mailing. Prior to the national do not call, I had used the DMA to register my preference for people not to call. It was remarkably sucessful as many telemarketers subscribe to their lists.


Now. Having said that, this will not protect you from getting 3 LL Bean Catalogs in the mail because you ordered something from them. It will stop people buying your address and speculatively sending you stuff. Hope this helps

I usually contact them online, if they have a website and request that they immediately stop all mailings. It usually works, at least with the larger companies.

I have also packaged up large, heavy packages of religious tracts, newspaper classifieds and other things I can find and sent them to recalcitrant advertisers (only when they include a postage-paid card or envelope). Companies are not charged for the postage-paid envelopes until they are used, so they’re not out anything if you throw it away. It gives me an inordinate amount of pleasure to do that.

Thanks for the many ideas. I am trying them all. Where can I get a supply of cheep bricks?

It might surprise people, but if its the mail that you get every wednesday or tues full of supermarket ads, you can get a form at the PO to write to them about it. I didn’t want the crap in my mail box anymore & I asked the clerk about it & she told me what to do.

Cecil on junk mail (including the brick idea.)

A couple of things:

  1. Per previous post, contact the DMA and ask them to stop sending you stuff. Won’t catch 'em all but it’ll cut down on the volume.

  2. Contact individual senders and tell them to stop sending you stuff. Ask nice, most will be happy to oblige.

  3. If somebody is being particularly onerous, download the USPS Form 1500 from www.usps.gov and submit it. This lets you declare all material from a particular sender to be “obscene” (and by law the only judge of what is obscene in this case is you. I’ve done it with AOL to get them to stop sending me their frickin’ CDs) and the USPS will send them warnings to stop sending any and all material to your mailing address.

  4. The USPS does have to obey their own regulations, one of which is that generally speaking they cannot refuse to deliver mail to a proper address if proper postage has been paid - you can’t just tell them to stop delivering anything that says “Current Resident”.

  5. The “Paste it on a brick” thing doesn’t work - the return postage paid on those mailers is equivalent to a regular letter, if your item is overweight it’ll get tossed.

Hope that helps! I’ve had some very indepth experience with (1-4) with varying results.

That’s handy Handy (sorry, but I just had to)