Help me grill an artichoke

I have a mind to grill an artichoke, on a gas grill, (about 400º) tomorrow night. Does anyone have any recipes for cooking artichokes on a grill? I’m not a big fan of using foil, but I prefer it to burnt vegetable matter, especially since it gets stuck to grill and the taste gets in to everything else.

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However, smoked artichokes are the bomb!! :smiley:

Emeril Lagasse and Bobby Flay both have recipes for grilled artichokes on the Food Network site. Both say to steam them before grilling.

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Well, I didn’t find the recipe in time. Maybe next week. In the meantine, I still have chicken artichoke soup, some pasta with a scallop and artichoke marinara, and a couple artichoke sandwiches with cheese an tomato. Maybe next week.