Help me ID 2 B Horror films from 35+ years ago

I saw these at the drive-in with my mother when I was a small child in the late 60s early 70s. Actually they may be the same movie for all I know but here are the two things I remember:

One is the opening of the movie, there is a person riding up to a church on a bike. He is assigned the task of ringing the bell, but when he does, there is blood on the rope.

The second takes place in a circus. There is a high wire act and there are knives fastened to the ground with the points sticking up. Of course, one of the performers falls and is pierced.

Eh, looks like I found one of them:

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BTW, could the second one be Circus of Horrors? The one with the hit song, “Look for a Star”.

The first one sounds like that Dracula movie, “Scars of Dracula”.

Let’s try the cached version

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Is this Berserk! with Joan Crawford? I recall Circus murders (with themes based on the acts), and spikes going through heads.

It came out in 1967, and was the very last movie to play in my home-town movie theater before it closed. You used to be able to walk downtown to the movies. But they had no parking lots, so they were done in by the bigger chain theaters.
Helluva flick to go out on. It was better to recall the last kiddie matinee flick – “A Dog of Flanders”