Help me ID an 80s (?) Martial Arts movie

Somehow tonight we started talking about bad movies and I was talking about this movie that I saw sometime back in the '80s. Unfortunately, I never saw the first part of the movie so I have no idea what the setup was or the title. But, given the Dope’s ability to identify movies with minimal information, I’m hoping that someone here can identify it.

I would have seen this on HBO or Showtime sometime in the '80s. The plot that I saw (remember, I never saw the first part of the movie) was that someone was assembling a team of martial arts experts to go attack the villain of the film. I remember that one guy he recruits initially climbs down the outside of a building. (He also moves sideways without moving his feet, somehow.)

The plot seemed to involve a scientist who had developed some sort of mind control drug or something (I think). The villain had captured the scientist and was using the drug to coerce people into creating a “utopian” village somewhere (I think in Mexico). I remember that all of the people in the village were wearing this blue t-shirt with a symbol on the front and they were all working together to build this village. The villain was teaching them martial arts to defend themselves. (There was a scene of him training everyone with them standing on rocks and outcroppings and the like.) One of our hero’s recruits was the daughter of the scientist (I think).

The hero and his team infiltrate the village but it seems that the villain has brainwashed the team and they kill the hero. But, it was a trick and the hero rescues the scientist. At the end the villain tries to shoot someone (either the scientist or his daughter) and the hero leaps in at the last moment and deflects the bullet with a shovel. (There was a scene of the bullet flying in slo-motion and our hero rushing in.)

Yeah, I know it’s kind of vague but I’m hoping someone will recognize it. Anyone have any ideas?

Sounds kind of like one of the “American Ninja” movies with Michael Dudikoff, maybe #2?

Hmm… I’m not sure that’s it, but I’ll add it to the Netflix queue to make sure. I don’t remember any kind of swordplay in the one I saw (it was all “chop-socky” type fighting) and I never had the impression that the people the bad guy was training were mutants, but who knows. I’ll check it anyway, it’s closer than anything else I’ve been able to track down anyway. Thanks for the suggestion.

Anyone else have any other ideas?

It sounds exactly like the sequel to Kill Or Be Killed, Kill And Kill Again.


Yep, it’s Kill And Kill Again. I didn’t see Kill Or Be Killed, but I remember the slo-mo bullet from KAKA (and the acronym pretty much sums up the plot and dialogue, believe me).

OK, all together now: Hot Dawg!

I have a vague memory of something that might be this movie. Was there a scene when the hero went to recruit some levitating mystical warrior who refused to join the team initially (having renounced the world) but changed his mind when the hero levitated too? Also were there large cannisters of mind control agent on their way to major world cities?

That’s it! I even found a review site with pictures! Thank you!

Quick Robin, to the Netflix queue!

No problem. It just happened to be my second favorite schlock-fu film, next to Hot Potato .