Help me ID this actor (frequently on L&O)

Please help me figure out who this actor is!

He is one of the recurring defense attorneys on Law & Order.
He is on the short side, with short dark hair, balding, and dark eyes.
He has a long nose, thin lips, and is kind of weaselly looking.
He looks like he could be Jewish or Italian.

It’s not the long-haired guy who is the ACLU-type Harvard attorney. (Though as it turns out, that guy isn’t played by Ron Silver, as I always thought. I’d love to know who that is, too.)

I can’t seem to find any good sources with information on recurring Law & Order characters. If anyone knows of one, please let me know.

Thanks in advance for your assistance. I don’t know why this question is bugging me so much, but it is!

I don’t know if it’s the person you’re talking about, but John Cullum is frequently a defense attorney. He’s also better known as Holling Vincoeur, the bartender from Northern Exposure.


When did you see him last?

It’s not John Cullum. This guy is younger, probably around 40-45.

I don’t remember where I saw him last. I watch so many L&O reruns that I can’t keep them straight. I’m pretty sure he’s been in the more recent episodes, though.

Here is a great site – the Law & Order Repeat Offenders list. It helps if you know the name of the character, or can remember a specific episode. To that end, here is the L&O Episode guide, by season. It gives a little synopsis of the episode so you have a chance at saying, “Ooh, he was on that one!” :slight_smile:

Good Luck!

There’s no picture on this guy, but he played Steve Rhoades on Married…with Children for the first few years it was out and frequently plays a slime defense attorney on L&O.

Oo. Good guess, but he’s not the guy. I found a picture on his own website:

Thanks for the links, stargazer. Unfortunately, the first site focuses on people who have guest starred as multiple characters, not on recurring characters.

I’d have to think that there is a page out there somewhere devoted to the recurring defense attorneys and judges…right?

It’s gotta be Dworkin, played by Peter Jacobson.

Could that be Dennis Boutsikaris? It’s not a great picture, but imagine him a bit hairier and more Ron Silver-ish. :smiley:

If you can think of a specific ep he’s been in, you can check this episode guide:

Hmmm. . . . 15 seasons. . . Happy Hunting!

Well… not that I’ve been able to find. And believe you me, I have looked and looked. There are some partial sites out there, but they are woefully incomplete. Your best bet may be to look at the TV schedules and try to remember when/which episode you saw him on, and then use the episode guide I linked to in my previous post. Or try some of the fansites where they have message boards.

Any chance it’s Jeffrey DeMunn? There’s a photo of him on this page. He’s the one with the Ox Baker eyebrows on the right side a couple of photos down.

Lots of good guesses. Thanks. But none of them are my guy. :frowning:

The way you describe this guy, it sounds just like Paul Ben-Victor, but he’s never been on Law & Order.

Nope. I actually know who Paul Ben-Victor is.

FWIW, it’s also not Jeffrey DeMunn. And I don’t think it’s Jason Kolotouros, but I can’t find a good picture of him.

If it helps, I seem to remember that this guy tends to defend the most despicable of clients. And also, I think he tends to defend people who are bigoted against whatever category he falls into. Like if the defendant is a black guy who absolutely hates whites, this guy would take the case. I think.

John Pankow?

Peruse through this. You may find him.

Then how 'bout Ned Eisenberg?

My sleazy lawyer is none other than Roger Kressler, played by one Mr. Ned Eisenberg! Who, as it turns out, was on L&O: SVU, not regular L&O! :smack:

Thank you thank you, Mr. Tucker. For your efforts, you win a GREAT BIG KISS! ::smooch::

And thanks to the rest of you. It’s been a lot of fun to check out all of these recurring characters.

Gosh. Honestly, I can’t take any credit. I simply took the liberty of posting your question on the IMDB board. Those folks know everything. That’s where I got your answer.