Help me ID this floppy-nosed animal

I unfortunately have no pictures. I was watching a nature program in Japanese, and they were showing this herd of tan four-legged possibly hoofed things. The really striking thing about them was their noses, which were slightly elongated and floppy, kind of like a cross between a really short elephant trunk and a stumpier, two-nostriled anteater’s nose. They ran but they also could jump, like you might see a gazelle jump up, with all four (hooves?) feet off the ground.

Any ideas? Sorry, my Japanese is really limited and I couldn’t even catch what country it was.

Saiga antelope.

The nose looks really familiar, but I forgot to mention that there were no horns. Do the females lack horns? It showed a big herd of them and there weren’t any.

I just found the tapir, but that nose is a tiny bit too long, and none of the species had the light coloring that I saw.

Here’s a bit more. Saiga antelopes live in Central Asia. The bizarre nose is probably an adaptation for warming and filtering the cold dry air of its habitat.

Females lack horns. From your description, it has to be a Saiga.

If they were jumping and gamboling about, they definitely weren’t tapirs. Tapirs can run, but they are pretty clumsy and can’t jump very well if at all.

OK, just found a picture of one without horns and jumping, and that’s definitely it. Thanks! What a cool adaptation. Maybe if I try really hard I can get my nose to do that too.

BTW, how the hell did you do that? It’s like someone comes up to you at a party and said, “Hey, I saw these floppy-nosed things on TV, WTF’s up with that?” And then you’re just ready with, “Oh yeah, that’s a saiga antelope. I know all about them. They’re definitely not tapirs.”

I bet you’re good at charades :slight_smile: