Help me ID this song/video seen on the Dope

I’ve searched with all my might but this has eluded me. I saw in here on the SDMB less than a year ago, I think it was in one of those “recommend some new music to me” threads.

It is a song in the folk-ish, singer/songwriter genre; possibly just a guy with an acoustic guitar. The lyrics involve this middle-aged man lamenting his own lost youth and the state of the youth of today. It may be directed at his own son/daughter, or just the younger generation at large.

It may or may not have included observations like ‘we wore our pants up where they belonged’ or ‘you’ll never know the pleasure of opening an LP and seeing the inner artwork and lyrics’. These are not specific examples - I made them up - but that is the general vibe of the lyrics.

But it is not Clichéd or corny; it is witty and catchy.



Tommy Womack - Alpha Male & the Canine Mystery Blood

Since this was introduced to me here, it’s become on of my all-time favorite songs.

Thanks, Bo! I dunno how I let that one slip away from me.

You’re very welcome, Mr. Mustard.

That song (along with about a dozen others) is one that I love so much I actually advocate for it. It’s simply fantastic.