Help me ID this song

I was listening to the radio while doing homework, and this song came on that I hadn’t heard before that I really liked, but they never said what it was. I can’t remember the exact lyrics, but the beginning was a man talking something like “the sight of a touch and the taste of a sound” and “hearing the grass grow” then it kind of went into semi-maniacal laughter, then the actual singing started.

It was on the classic rock station, if that helps. Thanks.

Didn’t sound familiar to me either, but Google was helpful. If these lyrics are familiar, it’s Departure, by the Moody Blues.

That’d be my answer as well. The laughter always bothered me because the Moodys always seemed to be so “together” and the laugh was indeed a tad on the hysterical side. Not really joyous at all.

Careful there, lindarielle13. You could easily get hooked on Moody Blues. Mix a little sandalwood incense in thereand you’ll then proceed to wander off into the woods, strip naked and become a student of Nature Magic. Lemme know when your ready to go–I’ve about had it with the the real world myself.