Help me ID this wild bird

Two small birds feel down my chimney flu. There is no way to return them to their nest. I have been hand feeding them for 3 days and they are looking really healthy and growing and putting on feathers. I tried to find a wildlife rehab for them but no luck.

The problem is i don’t know what they are. I think they are developed enough for me to describe their adult appearance. I am in Virginia.

They are mostly grey. They are squat and round. Their beaks are wide and short and sort of flat and ends in a point. On the underside of the lower beak there is a yellow rough thing lining it. No idea what THAT is. Their tail feathers each taper to a sharp point.

If this sounds familiar or you have a link to id’ing Virginia birds, let mer know!

While the description could apply to a lot of baby birds, the fact that they fell down a chimney suggests that they are Chimney Swifts, which, logically enough, like to build their nests in chimneys.

Some baby swifts are here

So what was the verdict?

Please ignore this if you have already tried this source but a list of wildlife rehabilitators in Virginia can be found here:

I urge you to pursue this option if it is at all feasible. These people are probably the best shot at survival for any injured or orphaned wildlife in North America. And good for you for being such a humanitarian!

They are in fact chimney swifts. I started out with 2 and not there are 5! I did a little research and built them a house. I am hand feeding them and they seem to be doing well!