Help me identify a license plate

On the freeway today, I was following a car with the oddest rear plate I’ve ever seen.

It was a Tenessee plate, with red lettering on a white background. After four numbers, there were two really odd symbols. Please excuse my subpar ASCII skills, but here’s kind of what they looked like:

 __  ______       ________
|  | \_    |      |     _/
|  |   \   |      |    _/
|  |    |  |      |  _/
|  |____| /       |  |
 \_______/        |__|

These were also in red.

Along the bottom center of the plate was a blue sticker with the word “KNOX” in white.

I’m thinking that this might be some sort of military plate, but I didn’t see any other insignia on the back of the car. This preys on my mind now. What the heck is this plate?

(On multiple previews: Wow, that art stuff is harder than it looks. It comes out nothing like I put it in.)

This: ???

Umm… Somewhat. Along the top, there was no red band, just the word “Tenessee” in red. The “KNOX” sticker was in the same place as the University sticker in the picture, but was blue.

The weird characters were on the right, however, and were definately embossed into the plate like the numbers. There were no small letters, either.

That drawing vaguely resembles the logo for the University of Tennessee, and your description of it in “red” is close to the orange color of the logo. I’m going to say it’s the University’s specialty plate, which current students and alumni can get. The “KNOX” sticker indicates the car is registered in Knox County, which is where UT’s main campus is located.

Here’s the UT plate:

Yup, that’s it, brianjedi. The “UT” (now that I can recognize them as such) were on the right of the numbers, though.


I’d say your ascii drawing was pretty good.