Help Me Identify My High School (78-82) English Textbooks

Google has failed me (or I, it) in locating said books. (My search was: “High school English textbooks, 1970s, hardback, red, yellow, green”) These English textbooks were rather small (maybe four inches by six, but a couple inches thick), hardbacks, and came in a different color for each grade (9-12). Three colors I remember were yellow, red and green. The other may have been blue; it may not have been. I can’t remember.

Anyone from that era remember?

Sir Rhosis

Could this be it?

No, they were solid bright colors with the title and editor on front, iirc. Thanks, anyway.

Sir Rhosis

Maybe these? Looks like there’s a different color for every level and the cover designs have changed some over time. Size is 6 by 8 inches.

Sorry, no. No designs on the books. Solid bright colors with text.

Thanks all for trying.

Sir Rhosis

A long shot, since it doesn’t really match your description, but maybe your memory is fuzzy or there were enough different editions that it’s worth a shot: