Help me identify these toys from the 60s & 70s

The first one is from the mid to late 60s. And I’m using the word “toy” loosely here.
It was a bucket containing either a powder or granules. You mixed the stuff with water, and let it set for what seemed like forever. No, it wasn’t Jello as a friend suggested. :rolleyes: It wasn’t something to eat! It was a bright pink gel, and smelled weird. After it set, you could play with it.

A fuzzy worm thing with googly eyes from the mid 70s. There was a length of nylon thread (like fishing line) atatched to it. You tied the thread to a button on your shirt, and held the worm in your hand. When you moved your hands up and down, it appeared that the worm was crawling across your hands.

A fashion type doll, but much smaller than Barbie. Maybe 6" tall. She had very long hair, and it was hard as hell to get her clothes on and off.


Squirmles! Yep, that’s it.

Is this it?

That’s it!

Now for the pink goo…

Just a guess. I don’t remember this, but everyone that has come into contact with this seems to vividly remember the smell and since you also seemed to remember it…Weird smelling goo

No, that’s not it. The stuff I remember was in a bucket with a lid. I was probably around 5 so I don’t remember much else. My older sister had it, and I was watching her mix it up.

Man, I loved those squiggly things! Couldn’t remember their name for the life of me, though…

Anyway, I was searching for the pink goo and found a couple cool sites that might help you guys remember the glory days of our childhoods:




Sounds like an instant version of the bucket of slime.

To completely hi-jack this thread … I played a agame with my older brother in the very early eighties(84 or so). it was a board game and all I remember is there was a plastic jointed dragon. ANyone got any ideas?

Hillbilly Queen, as soon as I read your description of the dolls, I thought Dawn dolls! I had Angie, having fished her out of my Christmas stocking very sneakily at 4 in the morning when I was around 5 years old. Thanks for the link, ladybug. I enjoyed reading the story.

Dragon Strike?

Hmm, No, I thought that the dragon was free moving. And darker colored. But that could very well be the right game. My mom swears I’m making the whole thing up, but I KNOW we had a picture of me and my brother playing it. It’s been bugging me for 10+ years now.

Ewww! Incredible Edibles Those things were nasty. They may have been edible, but just barely. My sister left some in the maker thing, and forgot about them. The burnt goop oozed out all over the hardwood floor, and when my dad scraped it up, part of the wood came up with it.

I guess nobody can identify the pink goo. Maybe I imagined it.

Slippery slime?

Nope. I remember it.

:: goes off in search of evidence::

I don’t think it was a slime. It was more gel like and a firmer than slime.

I’ll just throw a hi-jack in here too. I’m looking for a handheld football game. It was just little "-"like things moving around on a screen. There might have been 2 or 3 buttons that you pressed to make things happen. Anyone can help me out?

Instant Choo Choo Bear?