Help me identify this (bad) Sci Fi movie

I was channel surfing on the cable and hit a local station airing what has got to be the worst (or maybe only second worst) sci fi flick I’ve ever seen. I only caught the beginning.

The beginning showed men from another planet landing on Earth. They climbed out of their flying saucer wearing uniforms. They were searching for another planet to use to farm their primary food animal, the gargon. The gargon is basically a lobster, but they said that in the right environment they could grow to a million times its size, and then be harvested for food.

The aliens had these ray guns that, when shot at a person or animal, would leave behind only a skeleton.

The movie was filled with unintended comedic effect. I would say this rivals Plan Nine from Outer Space for worst film ever. I would love to rent the video, if there is one.

I’m tempted to say it’s this. VHS & DVD apparently available.

Archive Guy is right. This movie was also done on MST3K but I don’t know if that version is on video yet.

Sadly, the MSTed version of “Teenagers From Outer Space” is not yet available for sale. But keep circulating the tapes…

It looks like this was Tom Graeff’s Citizen Kane.

Did people smoke a lot of pot back in the 50s?

Or you may very well be subjected to TOR-CHA!

Alternately, from It Came From Hollywood:

[Dan Ackroyd]
“No, no, on this planet we throw a dog a bone, we don’t turn him into bones.”
[/Dan Ackroyd]