Help me identify this Barry Manilow song.

This is a Manilow song that came out in the 70s. The lyrics go something like this:

Spirits move me
Every time I’m near you
… … …
Sweet Melissa
Angel of my lifetime
… … …

And then it has a chorus that goes like this:

Come, come, come into my arms
Let me feel the wonder of all of you.

I also remember the music to the song seems like it was lifted out of a classical music catalogue.

The song was called either “Could This Be Magic?” or “Could This Be the Magic?”, and large parts of the music were lifted directly from one of Frederic Chopin’s nocturnes.

It’s Could It Be Magic?

It was also done by Dionne Warwick some years back.


Dionne Warwick? :eek:


Donna Summer also did a cover of it that was rather steamy.