Help me identify this music video--I promise it's not Candlebox

In the same vein as Idle Thoughts’ recent thread, I thought I would ask for help identifying a song/album that I’ve been looking for for years and has been driving me crazy.

I’m really looking for the album, but I can only remember the music video for one of the songs.

Basic info: I believe this is by a single performer, not a band. The album was released around 1996 or 1998, I can’t remember which. It was probably classified as “alternative,” but it was not very popular. I think I saw the video once, maybe on 120 Minutes.

Here is the video: the singer is painting a room blue and splashing paint everywhere, including all over himself. He may have been painting himself into a corner, literally. By the end of the video, all four walls of the room are completely blue, as is the singer himself, and the video ends with a shot of him curled in a fetal position in the corner while a white cat slowly picks his way across the floor that’s covered in blue paint, leaving behind white paw prints.

If anyone can help me figure out what this video is, I will not give you a million dollars but I will be eternally grateful. I’ve googled various elements of the video for years, and I’ve never come upon anything even remotely close.

Can you help me, Dopers?

I think I remember this vid, from the white cat thing. But I don’t know.

Does this 120 Minutes archive help?

Can you remember anything about the music? Like, was it guitar-driven or electronic?

Are you suuuuuuuuuure it’s not Candlebox?? (Skip to about 1:30.) :stuck_out_tongue:

That is a great archive, ZipperJJ. I forgot how much I used to like 120 Minutes. I purchased a couple CDs on the strength of just one video on that show. (Refused’s Shape of Punk to Come is still one of my most favorite albums ever.)

Gallows Fodder, it was definitely guitar-based alternative music, and I think it was a single person. I may be way off in my memory, but he looked a little like if David Blaine and Dangermouse were cloned and their DNA combined.

Millit, you have the gift. How did you know? :slight_smile:

As for now, I’m going through all the 120 Minutes shows between 1995 and 1999 and looking up on YouTube anything by a singer that’s unfamiliar. Just to rule out some of the more obvious stuff, I am pretty familiar with most alternative music. It’s definitely nothing that was popular or got much airplay.

Sooooo…didja find it?