Identify this song for me

Anyone know who that’s by?

For what it’s worth that song was labeled as a sublime song on the album Second Hand Smoke on a torrent.

or if people know similar music, recommendations are just as welcome

I sat through the video, and I wish I’d spent that 3 minutes doing something else. I wouldn’t call it a song, it’s a groove that a song might later be built upon. I’d guess it took 9 minutes to lay it down. It’s in the style of thousands of unknown musicians. The visual part is repetitions of a still photo of a guy demonstrating that he understands the concept of “six.” He has an interesting hat and a necklace swiped from somebody’s swag lamp. I don’t recognize the guy, so, no, I can’t identify him. Sorry.

:smiley: thanks for your time anyway
i think ill be content to just let this die

Question, are you saying you like this and would like to find more like it?

If so I have some recomendations of similar stuff that is actually good. What you linked to…isn’t.

Check out Ratatat Plaid Mouse on Mars maybe even early Beta Band.

See also Kraftwerk, Brian Eno, Phillip Glass and Erik Satie.

Ambient/electro/repetitive music and some of it’s early influences.

Check it out and see what you like.

Sounds kind of like Eon to me.