Help me identify this object

I won this at a raffle tonight but didn’t open it until I got home. It is a red shiny case which velcros open to reveal a clear plastic disc that appears to contain electronics. The disc is 2 1/2" in diameter and has two opposing tabs that seems to be opening tabs - though I couldn’t get it open.

The case
Disc - side one
Disc-side two



I think it’s supposed to flash when you turn it on?

Does it flash when you turn it on?

I haven’t been able to find a way to turn it on.
ETA: The black thing in the middle that looks like a button will not depress due to the rigidity of the case… which I can’t open.

That black bump next to the battery looks like an on/off button.

Is that a switch in the middle?

(Or, and I wasn’t making fun of you in the last post–to me it looks like a little flashy thing that all the kids play with these days…)

OK, I used a bit more force and pried it open. The black button will depress but nothing happens.

Maybe the batteries are dead. Other than that, I’m at a loss.

If the case is translucent then it looks like it is a safety light that you could clip on your clothes or something if you are walking at night.

Looks almost like some sort of spinning thing that lights up when rotated, I’ve seen Yo-yos along similar lines

Looks like a lighted yo-yo. When it turns the LED lights sparkle.

Maybe there are insulating tab thingies keeping the batteries disconnected until you remove them?

I agree. Google “flashing safety light” for other examples.