Help me identify this piece by Beethoven - "Dragon song"?

The kids at my little girl’s daycare call it the “Dragon song”. It is a song on a homemade CD that they listen to while they do their artwork. The daycare teachers don’t know the actual title of the piece.

I’ve tried googling but no luck. Do any of you Doper parents know what this could be?

The reason I want to find it is apparently whenever it is on, my daughter gets a blissful look on her face and “conducts” the music (she’s almost 3) - and I would love to see it.

Can you hum a few bars?

Firstly, and I only mention this because it’s such an incredibly useful and clever tool, I’d like to let you know about Musipedia. It lets you input a tune in several different ways and then analyzes what you’ve put in and gives you a list of possible musical works to examine.

Unfortunately, I have no idea what the work you’re looking for is. My guess is that “the dragon song” is an idiosyncratic name for it…perhaps the teacher told them a story about the dragon and St. George with this as background music or something.

get a copy of the cd, and put a few bars of it up somewhere so we can hear it?

This is an out of left-field guess - but could it be the ending theme for the Dragon-Half anime? A song about eggs and food, set to the music of Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy.”

At least this is what comes to MY mind for “Beethoven” and “dragon song”.

ETA: If one thinks that this song is weird, one hasn’t seen the anime it’s associated with. :smiley:

Can you clarify whether or not you’ve ever heard the song yourself? Because Musipedia isn’t going to help if you haven’t at least heard the notes, and I’m not sure I read the OP correctly now.

No I’ve never heard the song myself. :frowning:

The teacher doesn’t know why the kids call it the “Dragon song” either.

The daycare doesn’t like to loan out their stuff, but I could ask the next time I’m there if I can borrow it for the night and rip it.

I don’t think that there’s anything in the music video I linked to that a toddler (Or her parents) would find objectionable. Ask her if that’s it. It might save some effort if my guess is right. And at worst, you’ve just wasted three minutes watching a silly video with your daughter - which is something I’d think is cool anyway.

My daughter’s “dragon song” is “In the Hall of the Mountain King.” Actually the dragon kite song, from an episode of Little Einsteins.

Thanks, but no, it is a classical piece that hasn’t been “messed around with”, I’m positive of that much. But thank you though.

Hmmmm maybe the CD is mislabelled - I’ll play this for my daughter when she gets home and see if this is it.

I thought it was Stevie Nicks who did the “Dragon Song”…you know, “Stop dragon my heart around…”


My daughter’s away for the weekend and I’d love to find the right music to surprise her … :frowning:

Tommy James, “Dragon the line”…?

Mystery solved - it is Symphony No 6 in F Major - Op 68 “Pastoral”.

Huh. That’s one of the last Beethoven pieces I would have guessed evoke the title “Dragon Song.”

They were in the original cut of Fantasia but the sight of centaurs burnt alive by the dragons required some judicious trimming… :wink:

They just covered them up with some Negro-stereotype centaurs. Didn’t realize down the line that that might cause a problem.