Help me identify this reality tv game show that is like The Amazing Race.

It’s not Treasure Hunters or that one that has “Expedition” in the title either…

…this is a reality show that came out sometime in the last five or six years, I think. It involves:

  1. Teams that have to do tasks each round, much like Amazing Race and other games like that do.
  2. Teams that are composed of at least one girl and one guy, however there are actually THREE members of a team, not two…however, I don’t think there’s three at once/at the same time…I think the guys/girls trade off halfway through the show (or season) for another guy/girl.
  3. Elimination at the end of each episode for the teams that are last or finish last.
  4. I seem to remember most of it taking place on an island with a beach, however it’s not Survivor. One of the first episodes involved having to swim in the ocean for something and going down into a deep well hole (or something like that) and searching for something.

I looked up reality shows with the word “Island” in it and only found a couple, one of which was Temptation Island, which it wasn’t that, nor was it any other one I read that had “island” in it.

Does anyone have any clue what this reality show game might be?

Episodes were available to watch on Hulu not too long ago, which is where I found this show in the first place.

It’s not one of the Road Rules shows was it?

Nah, I’ve seen all of Road Rules, this show is newer than that show.

Treasure Hunters

There was one called Pirate Master in 2007. The contestants lived on a sailing ship. Each episode began with the remaining contestants dividing into two teams, then competing in some tasks, like swimming to an island and searching in holes. When the players got back to the ship, the winning team would elect a “captain” who got the nice cabin and some other perks. And at the end of each episode someone was voted off. It wasn’t much of a show. There really wasn’t much strategy involved since you didn’t know who was going to be on your team from one day to the next. It was cancelled before all the episodes had even aired, and one of the contestants committed suicide.

Does that sound familiar at all.

I believe it was filmed near Dominica in the Caribbean. I know the ship well. The show wasted a great adventure and a beautiful setting.

Was it Get Out Alive with Bear Grylls?

It’s none of those.

Dammit, I wish I could remember it.

Sounds like Shipwrecked: Battle of the Islands.

Are you sure it wasn’t Treasure Hunters?[


I’m sure of it. I even said in the OP it wasn’t Treasure Hunters. I figured I’d get it out of the way since I was certain of two things: 1. That it wasn’t TH and 2. That people would probably say it was TH right away (unless I stated, right from the start, that it’s not TH).

And I’m even more sure of it now because I finally found the one I was thinking of. It’s called Love in the Wild. The one I had seen (them doing missions on the beach and then in a hole filled with snakes), was the first episode of season two.

Now all I’m left with wondering (although it’s not too important if I get an answer to this) is whether or not someone would have eventually gotten it and suggested “Could it be Love in the Wild?” if I had not figured/found it for myself. : p

Not I. Never even heard of it.

If it weren’t for the idea of it having beach scenes, it might just be the French show Fort Boyard.