Help Me Identify this Reference in the Looney Tunes Cartoon "High Diving Hare"

This is the cartoon where Bugs Bunny keeps tricking Yosemite Sam into going off the high dive into a barrel of water. At one point in the cartoon, Bugs is on the the end of the diving board, on one side of a locked, makeshift door which prevents Yosemite Sam from reaching him. Yosemite Sam pounds on the door and says, “Open this door! Open up, I say!” (or words to that effect). Then, he turns to the viewer and says, “You notice I didn’t say ‘Richard’.”

I’m guessing that last line refers to an old 1940s radio show or movie, but I can’t place it. Does anyone know what it refers to?

“Open the Door, Richard” was a popular song written by Louis Jordan.

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