Help me identify Looney Tunes/Merrie Melodies ditty

I seem to half remember a song sung by a Warner Brother’s cartoon character. I am fairly certain it is not one of their “regulars”, meaning not Daffy Duck or Bugs Bunny, but maybe a character that appeared in only one or two shorts. The song as best I remember goes like this:

“Huck-a-roe and a (something)
And a so on so on so forth…
Huck-a-roe and a (something)
and a so on so forth!”

The something in parenthesis I can’t remember at all. I think it is three syllables and it may be a nonsense word (like Huckaroe).

Vague enough for you? Anyone remember the song, the character or the situation? It may not necessarily be Warner Brothers, but I watched more of their cartoons than any other company’s.

This would have come out before the early 1970s BTW. I’m old.

This might answer your question.

Oh, and I think the song is most memorably used in Bob Clampett’s **Horton Hatches the Egg**

Oh, and yes, HHtE is indeed a WB/Merrie Melodies 'toon.

I’ll be damned. I’ve only ever seen the Horton thing maybe once, though, if that. Was the song or some variant thereof used anywhere else?

The one I’m thinking of is definitely based on the lyrics you linked, by the way.

The only other film references I found were the following live action films where the song can be heard: From Here to Eternity, A Christmas Story and San Antonio Rose (supposedly the song’s debut, released a year before HHtE). No other cartoons that I found.

And Horton’s version of the song is a bastardized one (which I suspect is part of the “joke”, since the song, itself a spoof, was quite a hit at the time).

That’s probably it then.

I’m really impressed. Did you just happen to remember the name of the song, or did you know the real lyrics?